Covid-19 Arrangements.

Dear Pupil,


I hope you are well.  As the Covid 19 restrictions are easing, I am putting arrangements in place to re-start your driving lessons.  While the content and quality of your lesson will not change, there will be some changes in line with Government guidelines as outlined below.

The car will be cleaned thoroughly with anti-bacterial cleaner between lessons.  The areas of the car that will be cleaned are door handles inside and out, bonnet release leaver inside and out, window and mirror controls, both front seats, seatbelt and connector, gear lever, steering wheel, indicator and windscreen wiper stalks, handbrake, keys.  

PPE must be worn by myself and pupils.  I will have a small supply of masks and gloves, but would ask you to bring your own to each lesson, as I am not increasing the cost of lessons to cover the cost of PPE that is now required.


Before the lesson


Ring or text me if you are experiencing a new cough, a temperature or loss of taste or smell. 

Your lesson will be re-arranged if you have any of these symptoms.

Wash hands immediately before leaving the house.

Bring mask to your lesson and put it on just before you get into the car.

Wear clothing that covers arms and legs fully.

Please try to avoid bringing any unnecessary belongings e.g. bags, coats.  If you do bring these they should be placed in the boot of the car.


During the lesson


PPE must be worn on every lesson.

Windows will remain open and air con turned off.

Some discussions may take place outside of the car.

I will re-assess your progress and you may find that we go back to areas covered before to recap on these.

Only I will handle my tablet device and any other learning materials. 

Please sit facing forwards, even when I am explaining something to you.

Inform me if you become unwell during lesson.

Bags will be available for the safe disposal of sanitising products used in the car.

If I give a demonstration drive, all common touch points will be sanitised.

Payments can be made by cash or cheque. 


After the lesson


The car will be thoroughly sanitised for the next pupil.

You may want to change and wash your clothes after your lesson.


Your practical driving test


I will explain to you the processes that will be in place post lockdown, but it is likely that there will be some changes as to how the driving test will be conducted.  It is highly likely that I will not be allowed to accompany you on the test and may also not be allowed near the vehicle at the time of the debrief at the end of the test.

A strict handwashing regime is likely to be in place at all test centres.  The content of the test in terms of manoeuvres etc has not changed. 

I will update you on any new changes in due course.

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